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Draiange related articles published in ICID News

Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Management in Australia, Dr. Willem F. Vlotman [ICID News 2012_1]

Agricultural Drainage for Sustainable Integrated Water Management and Coping with the Global Food Demand, Dr. Willem Vlotman [ICID News 2008_3]

Modern Drainage Water Management to Reduce Drainage Volumes and Nitrogen Losses, R. Wayne Skaggs and Mohamed A. Youssef [ICID News 2009_4 ]

Challenges of Modern Land Drainage, Dr. Willem Vlotman [ICID News 2007_3

Use of Brackish Groundwater in Aquaculture and Agriculture, Dr. Samia El-Guindy [ICID News 2009_3]

Drain for Gain: Agricultural Drainage for Sustainable Development, Dr. Safwat Abdel-Dayem [ICID News 2006_2]



Contents (under preparation 18/08/07, feel free to contribute by sending your information to Willem Vlotman):

Date Description and link
Sep 2005 Article and Presentation on Drainage in China by Wang Shaoli
2001 Performance Assessment of Drainage Systems
1999 DRAiN, listings of drainage publications, compiled from 1996 - 1999
1997 Management of Agricultural Drainage Water Quality, FAO-ICID publication

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Management of agricultural drainage water quality


Edited by Chandra A. Madramootoo William R. Johnston and Lyman S. Willardson

Water Reports 13








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Water Reports



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There are several concerns about the sustainability of irrigation and drainage projects, many of which are related to the quality and disposal of drainage water. Inadequate drainage and improper drainage water disposal have led to land degradation due to water logging and salinity. There have been instances where saline or high nutrient drainage water has damaged aquatic ecosystems. Drainage continues to be a vital and necessary component of agricultural production systems. In order to enhance the net benefits of drainage systems, more attention will need to be given to the water quality impacts of drainage water disposal. This document identifies potential problems and management options in the development, production, treatment and disposal of agricultural drainage water.

Go to the interactive part of the FAO catalogue for ordering your copy: http://www.fao.org/icatalog/inter-e.htm

or view the publication online at FAO: http://www.fao.org/docrep/W7224E/W7224E00.htm

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1 From 1996 till 1999 in cooperation with IPTRID the current awareness bulletin was maintained by ILRI.  The activity was in the form of a project.  To date the project was not extended but follow-up action is under taken by ILRI.  If you are interested to see this publication to continue please let it be known to IPTRID and the Working Group on Drainage of ICID. 2

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Special presentations during Working Group meetings

Prof. Chung, Sang-Ok presented developments about Land Drainage in Korea, which gave the Group a good overview. The presentation was highly appreciated.  The article on which the presentation was based is given in Rice Culture in Asia, Chapter 7.3, Drainage Improvement in Paddy Fields, published by KCID and ICID, pp 99 - 106.  For a copy of the publication Rice Culture in Asia contact: kcid@karico.co.kr

3  4

Half day session on Drainage Needs, Tuesday, September 18, 2001.  Seoul, Korea.  Proceedings of the special session was circulated to the WG members in November 2001. for more information contact: Daniel Zimmer

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Video tapes on drainage

Originally we were thinking of putting movies, etc available via the web, but ...... the files become very very big and essentially not downloadable. So if you interested to see what is in the database contact Sami Bouarfa at Cemagref in France or Willem Vlotman at Goulburn-Murray Water in Australia.

To try it out Evan Christen was so kind to convert two videos for computer/internet showing:

1.  Troubled Water.  The video prepared at the occasion of the The Hague ICID Congress in 1996.  The video has a duration of 16 minutes and is a glimpse of potential water management problems in the 21 century: water wars!   It is zipped or unzipped about 200 Mb!

2.  A trenchless drainage experiment in Egypt.  The duration 22 minutes, size: 280 Mb!  The video shows the introduction of the V-plough, trenchless drainage construction, in Egypt.

Because of the large file size we did not put them on the website. However if you are interested they may be obtained from Sami, Willem or Evan.

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DRAINLINE NEWS 02/06; a pdf version of the email that was sent


Dear all,

It is time for some news on drainage activities that have taken place amongst Working Group members.

1) After a long period of waiting DGIS approved early May 2004 a subsidy for follow-up of the 15 action plans of the 9th International Drainage Workshop held Sep 10 - 13, 2003 in Utrecht the Netherlands. The subsidy is for finalising the Proceedings of the Open Space Technology discussions that resulted in the 15 action plans, putting final touches on the Workshop website, and getting in touch with all participants of the IDW9 to see how best with can turn the 15 action plans into real action with as possible outcome a number of proposals for submission to selected funding agencies for implementation of the action plans. I will shortly report to the IDW9 participants with a CC to the WG-DRG members on possible follow-up, and hope to see some active participation from the WG members also.

2) Sami Bouarfa will start with a follow-up this months of the drainage needs database, and as was discussed in Montpellier, we are looking into how best this database can be made available on-line. Sami has a student looking into this. One of the options that will be investigated is to see if the database can be made a part of the new Text Delivery Service database of ICID. (Did you try the TDS on the ICID website; the new software works really well!).

3) Chandra Madramootoo heads a task force of the WG-DRG (members Dr Safwat Abdel Dayem, Dr. Vlotman and Mr. Kulkarni of ICID Office) to look into how to continue with future workshops under auspices of the WG. Several email exchanges took place and he has asked Mr. Kulkarni to report on this to the WG members.

4) From the headoffice we received via Bart Schultz the request to review the Terms and Descriptions of section XIII of the Technical Disctionary on I&D. This section contains terms and definitions related to drainage. I would appreciate very much if you can go through these in the attached file and send your remarks to me and/or bring them with you to our meeting in Moscow. This activity is in cooperation with the WG-CD and for more information please check the minutes of the WG-CD on the icid website.

5) The minutes of the WG-DRG Montpellier meeting you can find on the website. I have attached the draft agenda for Moscow. If you have any items your wish to bring up please inform me or Sami Bouarfa, the secretary.

With kind regards,

Willem F. Vlotman

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