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11th International Drainage Workshop (IDW), September 2012, Cairo, Egypt. Contact : Dr. Hussien El-Atfy, Vice President Hon., ICID, Secretary, Egyptian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ENCID), Coastal Protection Building, Fum Ismailia Canal, Shoubra El-Kheima, Cairo, Egypt. Tel : +20 2 312 3257, Fax : +20 2 310 9591, E-mail : encid@link.com.eg, Website : http://www.mwri.gov.eg/Encid/Default.htm

12th International Drainage Workshop (IDW), June 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia. Contact : Ms. Irena G. Bondarik, Secretary General , National Committee of the Russian Federation on Irrigation and Drainage (RUCID) , VNIIGiM, Room 601B, B. Akademicheskaya ul. 44, 127550, Moscow, Russia. Tel/Fax : +7 095 153 94 06, E-mail : ibond@online.ru, rusiptrid@mail.ru


28th Meeting of the Working Group on Drainage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, October 2010 [PowerPoint presentations -4.01 MB PDF file]

Australian Irrigation Conference and Exhibition 2010, 8-10 June 2010, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Center, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia. Theme : One Water Many Futures. Website: www.irrigationaustralia.com.au

Special Session on Drainage, December 2009, New Delhi, India (2.87 MB)

The working group held its 27th meeting on 8 December 2009 which was attended by 8 members and 11 observers belonging to 12 countries (Australia, France, Slovenia, Malaysia, Iran, Finland, Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Estonia, India, and Canada). The WG has proposed to reorganize its activities under 6 subtopics, viz., disposal of salts and silts, impact of climate change on drainage, societal perception of drainage, role of drainage in food security, changes in land use, production and landscapes due to drainage, and financial and socio-economic aspects of land drainage projects. The group also proposed to compile data on ‘drained area in the world’ by nominating regional correspondents who will retrieve information.

At the meeting, the Russian National Committee (RUCID) proposed to organize 11th International Drainage Workshop in St. Petersburg in September 2012 with the focus on ‘Climate and Drainage’. A Special Session on Drainage was organized by Indian National Committee (INCID) on 8 December 2009. The session was chaired by Dr. W.F.Vlotman, Chairman and coordinated by Dr. Gurbachan Singh (India). Presentations from Australia, Canada, Iran besides India were made at the special session. A separate session on ‘Integrated Approach in Agricultural Drainage’ was also held during the 5th Asian Regional Conference.


Recently as part of the activities planned around the celebration of 25 years of functioning of the Working Group  on Drainage Dr. Lambert Smedema updated our tables listing various workshops with drainage as the main theme. An overview major drainage meetings of the last 40 years (1965 - 2007).





Theme, no of participants no of countries represented



May 16 - 17, 1978

Wageningen, Netherlands

No special theme [50 participants of 14 countries incl. 23 from the Netherlands; 53 papers and discussion reports]

·        Design and Research

·        Materials

·        Installation Methods

·        Drainage of Irrigated Lands


December 5 - 12, 1982

Washington, USA

No special theme [38 participants from 13 countries, incl. 22 from the USA; 26 papers]

·         Corrugated Plastic Drain Tubing

·         Drain Envelopes

·         Drain Clogging

·         Future Drainage Research


December 1987

Colombus, Ohio, USA

 No special theme [some 65 participants from some 15 countries]

·         Global Perspective

·         Technical Drainage Issues

·         Drainage Models

·         Envelopes and Filters

·         Heavy Soils

·         Drainage Design Drainage Projects and

·         Drainage and Irrigation

·         Measurement Techniques


February, 23 - 24, 1990

Cairo, Egypt

Land Drainage [131 from 17 countries incl. 47 from Egypt; general/session reports,16 key participants notes and 15 papers]

·         Sustainability of Drainage Systems

·         Technology Transfer

·         Project Preparation for Funding

·         Drainage and Regional Planning


February, 8 – 15, 1992

Lahore, Pakistan

Subsurface Drainage on Problematic Irrigated Soils: Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness [337 participants from 19 countries, incl. 243 from Pakistan; general/theme reports and 87 papers ]

·         Diagnosis and Identification of Problematic Soils as related to Drainage

·         Planning and Design Parameters for Drainage Depth

·         Tubewell (Vertical) Drainage

·         Installation of Horizontal Subsurface Drainage systems

·         Use of Drainage Materials

·         Maintenance, Inspection and Evaluation Techniques


April 21 - 23, 1996

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Drainage and the Environment. Special session on the Aral Sea problems [106 participants from 29 foreign countries incl. 38 from Slovenia; general/session reports, 4 keynotes and 90 papers]

·         Drainage Impacts on Hydrology and Soil characteristics

·         Drainage Impact on Ecosystem

·         Socio-Economic and Health Aspects of Drainage

·         Drainage and Sustainable Cropping and Biological practices


November 17 - 21, 1997

Penang, Malaysia

Drainage for the 21st Century [254 participants from 34 countries incl.151 from Malaysia); general report, 5 keynotes, 12 country reports and 82 papers]. Penang Statement

·         Country Reports (12 countries)

·         Policy Issues and Strategies

·         Planning, Design and Construction

·         Management Challenge

·         Training and Research


January 30 - February 5, 2000

New Delhi, India

Global Drainage Needs and Challenges in 21st Century [175 participants from 16 countries incl. 144 from India; 18 keynotes and113 papers]

·         Regional Experiences

·         Integration of Drainage, Flood Control and Water management

·         Socio-Economic Issues, Managerial and Participatory aspects of Drainage

·         Disposal of Drainage Water; Recycling/Reuse

·         Biodrainage

·         Training and Research


September, 6 - 11, 2003

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Drainage for a Secure Environment and Food Supply. Special session on WB[10] integrated approach [118 participants, 85 papers, 30 posters, 15 action plans]

·         Innovative Drainage Technologies in Agriculture

·         Drainage: a Tool for Integrated Water Resources

·         Drainage Institutions for Participatory Development

·         Capacity Building in Drainage

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December 1965

Chicago, Illinois[[11]]

Drainage for Efficient Crop Production

·         Drainage Requirements of Plants

·         Characterizing Soil Properties for Drainage Design

·         Materials and Methods

·         Design Criteria


 December 1971

Chicago, Illinois


·         Hydraulic characteristics and filter materials

·         Strength, Durability, and Test Methods for Drainage materials

·         Equipment and Installation Methods


December 1976

Chicago, Illinois


·         Evaluation of Drainage Envelopes

·         Models for Drainage Design and Evaluation

·         New Materials and Installation Methods for Drain tubes

·         Drainage for Salinity and water Quality Control

·         Physical Properties of Soils Related to Drainage

·         Drainage Requirements for Crop Growth


December 1982

Chicago, Illinois

 Advances in Drainage

·         Drainage Design

·         Construction Techniques and materials

·         Drainage of Heavy Soils


December 14 - 15, 1987

Chicago, Illinois

Drainage Design and Management

·         Drainage Design

·         Water Movement through Soil

·         Crop Response to Water Management

·         Drainage Impact on Water Quality

·         Drainage/Irrigation Control, Management, and evaluation

·         Evaluating Water Management Effects, Practices, and installations

·         Limitations, Performance, and Machinery Development for Mole Drainage

·         Drainage Envelope Investigations and Specifications


December 13 - 15, 1992

Nashville, Tennessee

Drainage and Water Table Control [presentations from 12 countries]

·         Water Management Modelling

·         Sustainability of Drainage Systems acts

·         Environmental Impacts and Wetlands Issues

·         Contractor Concerns

·         Water Quality/Salinity Control

·         Measurement Techniques and Drainage Technology

·         Integrated Systems


March 8 - 10, 1998

Orlando, Florida

Drainage in the 21st Century: Food Production and the Environment [presentations from 16 countries]

·         Drainage

·         Modelling

·         Water Quality and Environmental Issues

·         Salinity

·         Measurement Techniques

·         Drainage Management


March 21 - 24, 2004

Sacramento, California

Drainage VIII

·         Drainage Management for the Mid West US

·         Drainage of Irrigated Lands

·         Drainage and Water Quality

·         Drainage Performance

·         Tools and Models for Monitoring and Design of drainage Systems

·         Drainage System Design, Installation and Infrastructure

·         Water Table Management

·         Drainage and the Landscape

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April 1986

Southampton, UK

2nd International Conference of Hydraulic Design in Water Resources Engineering: Land Drainage, organized by Department of Civil Engineering, Southampton University.[13]



July 1986

Helsinki, Finland

International Land Drainage Seminar, organized by the Helsinki University of Technology[14] and Ohio State University [91 participants from 11 countries from Europe and North America]

·         Water Management Modelling

·         Subsurface Drainage Technique

·         Factors Affecting Mass Transport from Farmland


November 1986

Wageningen Netherlands

Symposium 25th International Land Drainage Course: 25 yrs of Drainage Experience, organised by ILRI,[15] [108 participants from 37 countries, 34 papers]

·         Drainage of the humid temperate zone

·         Drainage of the (semi) arid zone

·         Drainage of the humid tropical zone


February 1990

Cairo, Egypt

Symposium on Land Drainage for Salinity Control in Arid and Semi-arid Regions, organized by the Egyptian-Dutch Panel on Land Drainage[16]

·         Drainage Survey and Design Practices

·         Drainage Technology

·         Operation and Maintenance of Drainage Systems

·         Vertical Drainage Feasibility in the Nile Valley

·         Re-use of Drainage Water for Irrigation

·         Economic Evaluation of Drainage Projects

·         Institutional and Management Aspects of Drainage projects



February 9 - 12, 1993

Melaka, Malaysia

Agricultural Drainage, organised by MANCID [17] [120 national participants and 4 international resource persons]

·         Issues in Agricultural Planning

·         Environmental Considerations in Agricultural development

·         Drainage Management for Agricultural Production

·         Design and Construction of Water Management facilities

·         Issues in Data Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval

·         Case Studies and Experiences in Agricultural drainage


November 1996


Jubilee Symposium at the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of ILRI and the 35 th Anniversary of the International Land Drainage Course: Towards Integration of Irrigation and Drainage Management, organized by ILRI[18] [95 participants from 20 countries of which 63 from the Netherlands]

·         Integration of Irrigation and Drainage Management, examples, technology requirement, institutional requirements and research needs


May 1995

Jaipur, Rajasthan; India

National Seminar on Subsurface Drainage, organized by the Rajasthan Agricultural Drainage Research Project

(RAJAD)[19] [125 regional participants, project consultants and international guest speakers]

·         field investigations

·         design

·         technology and materials

·         construction

·         O & M

·         environmental issues


July 2000

Tokyo, Japan

Asian Regional Workshop on Sustainable Development of Irrigation and Drainage for Rice Paddy Fields, organized by JNCID[20] [138 participants from 16 countries incl. 91 from Japan]



December 2004

Cairo, Egypt

First African Regional Conference on Drainage (ARCOD), organized by ENCID [259 participants from 37 countries incl. 210 from Egypt] [21]

·         Drainage needs and priorities in Africa

·         Drainage technology

·         Case studies

·         Drainage and the environment

·         Human resources development

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