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WG-DRG 25 Years

28th Meeting of the WG-DRG
Yogyakarta Meeting, 2010

64th IEC Meeting, Mardin, Turkey, 2013 [Previous Agendas]


63rd International Executive Council Meeting, Adelaide, Australia [Previous Minutes]


The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) was established on 24 June, 1950 as a Scientific, Technical and Voluntary Not-for-profit Non-Governmental International Organization (NGO) with headquarters in New Delhi, India.

The Commission is dedicated to enhancing the worldwide supply of food and fibre for all people by improving water and land management and the productivity of irrigated and drained lands through appropriate management of water, environment and application of irrigation, drainage and flood management techniques. [For more information contact http://www.icid.org]


Progress Report of PANCID's Sub-Committee on Drainage

  • To promote drainage as part of integrated water resources management; and
  • To promote sustainable approaches for drainage and related projects through a balanced integration of (1) environmental, (2) economic, and (3) social and cultural aspects.

Established : 1983


Members: (1) VPH Dr. W.F. Vlotman, Chairman, 2001 (Australia, 2000); (2) Dr. James Ayars, Vice Chairman (USA, 2005); (3) Mr. Bernard Vincent, Secretary (France, 2007); (4) VPH Prof. B. Maticic (Slovenia, 1987); (5) VPH Dr. M.H. Amer (Egypt, 1988); (6) PH Ir. Keizrul bin Abdullah (Malaysia, 1994); (7) Dr. Chung Sang-Ok (Korea, 1996); (8) Mr. Chen Hung-Kwai (Chinese Taipei, 1997); (9) Dr. M.N. Bhutta (Pakistan, 2002); (10) Mr. AT van Coller (South Africa, 2006); (11) Ms. Nurgul Uzucek (Turkey, 2006); (12) VPH Shinsuke Ota (Japan, 2006); (13) Dr. Yurii Yanko (Russia, 2006); (14) Dr. Gurbachan Singh (India, 2008); (15) Mr. Mati Tonismae (Estonia, 2010); (16) Mr. Ardavan Azari (Iran, 2011); (17) Ms Helena Aijo (Finland, 2011); (18) Dr. Momon Sodik Imanudin (Indonesia, 2012); (19) Secretary General, ICID.

Permanent Observers: PH Dr. Chandra A. Madramootoo (Canada); (ii) PH Prof. Bart Schultz (Netherlands); and (iii) VPH Dr. Safwat Abdel-Dayem (Egypt).



11th ICID International Drainage Workshop, Cairo (M.H. Amer, Chairman, ENCID, Egypt)

Revolutionary drainage technology ‘Capiphon’ (Geoffrey Fenn, Australia)

Surface water management in Northern Victoria (Sam Green, Carl Walters, Mani Manivasakan – Australia)


Drainage in IRAN; A Country Report by Ardavan Azari

Completion of the Mandate: 2013

Disposal Problems of Drainage Water in Southern Iran, Mojtaba Akram


Working Group on Drainage (VP Vlotman)

On-Farm Water Management Program Irrigation and Drainage For Africa (VPH M.H. Amer)

Lesson gained from French R&D programs for pesticides dissipation by use of constructed wetlands (J. TOURNEBIZE, B. VINCENT, C. CHAUMONT, E. PASSEPORT, C. GRAMAGLIA, C. MARGOUM, P. MOLLE, N. CARLUER, J.J. GRIL)